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KAIROS. The Right Moment

Wolfgang Beltracchi and Mauro Fiorese.
A project by Christian Zott.


What if we could not see everything that was created? Or what if the artists hadn’t created everything that we want to see? Experience now how the exhibition comes to life.

Historical events and historically significant cultural moments that were never painted by the great masters of their era get a second chance in “KAIROS. The Right Moment”. The painter Wolfgang Beltracchi, the photographer Mauro Fiorese and art patron Christian Zott set out to find the gaps in art history. Starting 2018, the resulting works will be presented in a unique exhibition in different places in Europe.

KAIROS Exhibition – The App

Explore 2000 Years of Art

Just in time for the “KAIROS. The Right Moment” exhibition opening, mSE Solutions has launched the app for the exhibition. It shows paintings by Wolfgang Beltracchi and photographs by Mauro Fiorese, with which 2,000 years of European art are becoming experienceable. It offers easy and comprehensive access to the until today unpainted moments in European history–created in the artistic voices of old masters–as well as the treasure rooms of our cultural heritage.

These features make the app a unique experience:

  • Augmented Reality allows us to immerse ourselves in the groundbreaking events that Wolfgang Beltracchi deals with in his works
  • The artists gives insights into their work
  • Info points explain the central elements of the works by Beltracchi and Fiorese
  • The painting style, composition and coloring are explained step by step
  • Interactive games provide entertaining tasks

The app is also designed for use in the exhibition. By pointing a tablet or mobile phone at a work of art visitors can discover its history.

The KAIROS app from ZOTT Artspace by mSE Solutions is freeware for Android and iOS.

Photo Gallery

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KAIROS in Hamburg
“A tremendously clever testimony to an ideal, unpainted history of art.”

The world-renowned art historian Horst Bredekamp holds the opening speech for “KAIROS. The Right Moment” on 18 Nov. 2018 for more than 400 guests in Hamburg.

Project initiator Christian Zott between two works from the exhibition. On the left a photograph by Mauro Fiorese from the Mart Museum depot, on the right a painting by Wolfang Beltracchi in the artistic voice of the expressionist Heinrich Campendonk.

“KAIROS. The Right Moment” all set up in Barlach Hall K. Christian Zott had the works set into a system of Peri walls.

Helene Beltracchi, Christian Zott, Wolfgang Beltracchi and Horst Bredekamp at the KAIROS Vernissage. Mauro Fiorese, the second artist included in the exhibition, died at the end of 2016.

KAIROS in Vienna
„History has become a little smarter, I might add.”

Prof. Dr. Rainer Metzger holds the opening speech for „KAIROS. The right moment” at the Bank Austria Kunstforum Vienna, which was completely filled.

Project lead Dr. Andreas Klement during his speech for the opening of the exhibition project in Vienna.

The Artists

Award-Winning Photographs

With his award-winning series “Treasure Rooms”, the photographer Mauro Fiorese allows us to see into the archives of major museums. The photographs make us aware of what we don’t usually get to see, and raise the question of what may have influenced our cultural heritage.

New Paintings in the Artistic Voices of Great Masters

Wolfgang Beltracchi paints historically significant motifs using the artistic voices of style-defining artists from 2000 years of European art history. From the classical era up to the 20th century, and from Roman fresco painting up to Max Ernst.

Project introduction – short film in German

„KAIROS. The Right Moment.“ The Exhibition

Venice – Italy

October 5 – November 3, 2018
Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana

Piazzetta San Marco 13/a
30124 Venice, Italy

Tickets available at the door.

Hamburg – Germany

November 20 2018 – January 13, 2019
(Closed on 12/25/18 + 01/01/19)
Tuesday – Sunday, 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Barlach Halle K
(Galeriehaus Hamburg)

Klosterwall 13
20095 Hamburg, Germany

Tickets available at the door.

Vienna – Austria

September 4 – 21, 2019
Opening hours Monday – Sunday, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Bank Austria Kunstforum Wien

Freyung 8
1010 Vienna, Austria

Tickets available at the door.

Adults, normal price 10 EUR
Children, aged 0–6 free
Youths, aged 7–18 3 EUR

Adults, reduced price 7 EUR
(for senior citizens, people with disabilities, unemployed persons)

Family ticket small 12 EUR
(1 adult and up to 4 of their children)

Family ticket big 22 EUR
(2 adults and up to 4 of their children)

School classes 50 EUR

(Up to 30 students, guided tour included, please contact info@zottartspace.com)

All guided tours have to be scheduled. Please contact info@zottartspace.com

Further European Cities in Planning

The Brains Behind it All

An art patron, a painter, a photographer – one project.

“To me, “KAIROS. The Right Moment“ will be a success if we can get people enthusiastic about expanding their knowledge about painters and eras, and in a way that allows them to feel closer to art and so enjoy it more!”

The Man With the Idea
For “KAIROS. The Right Moment“, Christian Zott pursues motif ideas for moments in art history that have not yet been painted.

Christian Zott was born in 1960 in southern Germany. At the age of 27, he founded mSE Solutions GmbH, a now internationally renowned company for supply chain. In 2010, he hiked for seven months and 5,000 kilometers across southern Europe from west to east. His aim was to take time for reflection and to develop new projects. During his journey, he met Mauro Fiorese, with whom he initiated the idea for “KAIROS. The Right Moment”. Having collected contemporary art for many years, he engages with art from a philosophical point of view. He founded ZOTT Artspace within mSE Solutions as a platform for projects aiming to generate direct and relaxing access to art.

“Your surprise at being confronted by paintings that never existed, but which you think you recognize, can in the best case change the way you view paintings. Is it about the works themselves, or the brand behind them?”

The Painter
Wolfgang Beltracchi is creating unique paintings using the artistic voices of era-defining masters for “KAIROS. The Right Moment”.

Wolfgang Beltracchi, the son of a church painter, was born Wolfgang Fischer in 1951. He assisted his father from an early age, immersing himself in the work as well as in his art books. This enabled him to playfully establish and develop the foundations of his understanding of art, and to acquire a level of skill that would see him go on to astound and also deceive the art world.

“Museum archives don’t seem to be places that were designed to keep beauty alive. But they have a special spirit with a magic that is difficult to describe.”

The Photographer
Mauro Fiorese’s photographs take us to the hidden treasures of Uffizi and in other museum archives.

Mauro Fiorese (1970 – 2016) is one of the most internationally renowned photographers of our time. His work is exhibited in locations such as the Bibliothèque Nationale de France in Paris, the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, Texas, and the Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea in Milan. At the beginning of 2016, he was also honored to be included as one of the world’s most important cultural leaders at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Euromaxx – 7 March 2018
Beltracchi recreates masterpieces

A dab of black to accentuate a few lines on the canvas. The imitation self portrait is part of a new project conceived by entrepreneur and art lover Zott.